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Monday, 6 February 2012

Spa Find Mineral Therapy arrives at Serendipity Beauty Yateley

Spa Find specialise in authentic mineral spa therapies from around the world to help you not only relax and unwind, but leave you feeling revitlised from the healing and theraputic mineral treatments by Spa Find.

For many of us it is increasingly difficult to keep our mineral and vitamin levels at the correct balance due to our stressful lifestyles.

Did you know that almost every skin condition that we may suffer from is partly due to a mineral or vitamin imblance within the body? If you would like to begin using Spa Find products to rebalance your skin take a llok at this...


For any skin care advice or to order any products please contact me on 07855 238 997 or on facebook;

Spa Find treatments are rich in skin loving minerals. During Spa Find treatments our bodies absorb these minerals and the levels within the body can once again bring our inner health back into balance. Take a look at the wonderful Spa Find facials...

I have worked in the beauty business for 20 years and I have not found any products as good as Spa Find and they are very affordable too. If you would like any tips on tricks to help with your skin please just let me know!