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Thursday, 25 October 2012

Microdermabrasion is MAGIC!

Microdermabrasion is Magic!

I have struggled with an unsettled skin, including problems such as teenage acne, acne rosacea and Eczema. The Spa Find products have helped to balance my skin and microdermabrasion has improved my skins texture immensely.

I had a course of three microdermabrasion treatments and recently I had a monthly maintenance which concentrated on my skin blemishes and fine lines. Immediately after my treatment my skin was pink which is to be expected due to the increased blood flow.

The following morning, I notice a few breakouts which is due to the increased lymph flow to the skin. I need to remember not to use my exfoliator for three days. I find I  need to apply less moisturiser to my skin and when I apply my foundation it goes on like silk.

I was glad I applied my SPF 30 today to protect my skin as the sun was shining and it is important I protect my skin because the outer layer has been removed, leaving the skin more susceptible to UV damage.

After about a week I applied a Spa Find Renewed Radiance mask and the following morning my complexion was glowing and the lines and wrinkles seemed to have lessened or was that just my imagination?!