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Monday, 10 June 2013

CND raise the bar again with VINYLUX!!!

VINYLUX is a new nail polish invented by CND, the makers of Shellac... All of the Shellac colours are available in the Vinylux formation and there are a total of 62 beautiful colours to choose from. CND have gone back to the drawing board and re invented polish and this is how Vinylux is different.

With Vinylux there is no need for a BASE coat, the colour coat has a built in base coat. All that you need is two coats of Vinylux followed by the Vinylux top coat and you will have beautiful shiny nails. You will find it lasts longer than other polish you have used and it can be easily removed using your normal nail polish remover. The biggest benefit is the quick drying time... It is absolutely dry in EIGHT and a half MINUTES...

If you would like a long lasting, quick drying nail polish you need to try VINYLUX. The colour coats are £10 at Serendipity Beauty or you can buy a colour and a top coat for £16. It is a fabulous product that is definitely worth a try with 62 colours to choose from I know you will be back for more!

At Serendipity Beauty all Gold and Silver manicures or pedicures use Vinylux polish. If you fancy a treat then call me to book yours on 07855 238 997. For more details on my manicures and pedicures please take a look at my website:


Your best fashion accessory just got better!!!

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Rockstars.... Ooh so sparkly!

Are you thinking about preparing your feet for flip flops? To make your feet beautifully soft and smooth begin with a Callus Peel treatment. The fruit acids dissolve all of the unwanted calluses and your feet feel soft and smooth. This video will show you how gentle the treatment is and it costs £25... Worth every penny!


If you would like beautifully sparkly flip flop ready feet Shellac Rockstars are the answer... They are so glittery everyone you see will have foot envy! Only £30 and they last weeks and weeks!

Take a look at Rockstars... 

For all the information you need to make your feet flip flop ready take a look at my website...

Serendipity Beauty

Sunday, 17 March 2013

Brazillian and Hollywood waxing expert in Yateley!

Last week I attended a fabulous course with Kim Lawless who is known as The Wax Queen! The course was informative and so much fun, she has deemed me an expert in ladies intimate waxing!

Kim is a Londoner and developed her technique due to the demand in the 1980's there was no training back then or names for what her clients wanted done... They just explained their requirements and Kim would wax them accordingly!

To clear up any misconceptions... A brazilian wax leaves just a landing strip! A Hollywood is every hair removed!

I only use Perron Rigot wax... Strip wax for legs and forearms and non strip wax for any bikini line or underarm waxing. The non strip wax shrink wraps the hairs and causes less trauma to the skin. If you have intimate waxing and strip wax has been used, please please please come and try the non strip wax the difference is amazing!

Until the end of April 2013 I am offering brazillian or Hollywood waxing for only £20... Come and give it a try I know you will love the results! Call me to book yours on 07855 238 997.